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Fall at The Grove

It is Fall at The Grove!

Today we are sharing our favorite past Fall weddings and what is special about each month.


What we love about September!


If green is your goal...September is the month for you!

September is the month of Labor Day weekend, which is perfect for couples who are looking to have a weekend long celebration with their friends and family or those with many out-of-town guests. Holiday weekends also make Sundays feel just like Saturdays!


What we love about October weddings!


October is the month of cool and breezy weather!

Your guests will enjoy both the indoors and outdoors all day and evening long.

Trees get their autumn hues and deep tone florals are used!

As scenery and weather begins to change, Fall is in full swing at The Grove!


What we love about November weddings!


November means it is officially sweater weather!

November is home to our favorite holiday...Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving weekend

is not only beautiful, but it is the perfect time to bring together your friends and families.


We can't wait for our upcoming Fall weddings!


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