The 18 wheelers are loaded up with the materials and massive trusses for the new building. Take a look!
Below please find some pictures of the pad site for our new building.
The crew is digging 50+ holes to ready and set the beams for the building. 

Site Pad

The Trusses 

Digging Holes

The crew has been busy digging and setting the posts. 

Setting Posts

Putting up the walls!

Erecting Walls

The Building Process



Many of you requested an ability to view the building process online. Please be advised. The following pictures were taken from an iPhone for our personal use to capture memories of the building process. Enjoy !


The completion date for the new building is targeted for the end of February, 2015.

Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue

The Roof

The main building roof and walls are framed out with the trusses. Also, please enjoy the view of the Fall foliage!!!