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Cymre & Jon


"The ring is a symbol of the unbroken circle of love.

Love freely given has no beginning and no end,

no giver and no receiver for each is the giver and each is the receiver.

May these rings always remind you of the vows you have taken."

- A quote from Jon & Cymre's ceremony on April 15, 2017


Today we share the love story of Jon & Cymre.

In the words of Jon's father, Rob, "a love that has been tested by the distance of a difficult deployment, and forged by patience and a true desire to really know, appreciate and understand each other." This love was evident, clearly seen and felt throughout the entire day. We cannot tell you how sweet this wedding was to witness. It was an honor to celebrate alongside of their wonderful families and friends. Truly, they are some of the most loving, kindhearted and soulful people we have ever met.

Congratulations, Jon & Cymre!

Elisabeth Carol captured their story perfectly. Take your time to scroll through...



Words from the Mother of the Bride...

"Our family has been so blessed to get to know Susan and Brian while planning our daughter's wedding. They were so personable and sweet while being completely up-front and honest. The wedding day was pleasantly spent savoring and cherishing each moment with Bobbie watching over every detail for us. The tree-lined drive, towering oak trees and rolling meadows are simply breathtaking and added a natural grace to a beautiful ceremony. Thank you to everyone at The Grove for making the day truly special for us!"



Words from the Bridesmaid,

"Wow! I was part of my best friend's wedding here yesterday and WOW is the first word that comes to mind! Not only was the venue just absolutely beautiful the people were so amazing. I'm telling you the world could use about 20 Bobbie's in it, she was just the most amazing coordinator ever. She kept everything perfectly on time and on schedule without making any of us feel rushed or stressed in the slightest! I highly highly recommend this wedding venue to all Bride's who are interested! So amazing!!"



Words from the Bride...

"From start to finish, each and every experience we had at The Grove with Susan and Brian was exceptional. We loved our initial walk through with Susan; she answered every question in detail and she was all respect and patience while interacting with us. Each following time I went to the Grove, I walked away with a feeling of peace and satisfaction knowing how capable everyone at the Grove was and that the beauty of the venue would perfectly compliment the mood I wanted for our wedding day. Our wedding was simply a dream! I had so much free time to let all the emotions sink in and spend time with each bridesmaid because Bobbie had perfectly planned out the day and knew which moments were most important to me. We had plenty of time to enjoy each moment and she was so flexible and on the ball, managing some little hiccups with poise. She truly made me feel like family and I couldn't have asked for better! What an exceptional venue, and what gracious people!"



Lots of love & compliments to Moss Floral Design for such beauty and detail!



Words from a Family Guest...

"This was the most amazing venue ever! Upon driving in we were all mesmerized by the tree lined street which lead to the site. There was such a sense of tranquility and quiet subtle beauty. The night was amazing! Thank you!"




The Grove Coordinator

Texas Star Bakery

Prairie Letter Shop


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