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Spring at The Grove

It is Spring at The Grove!

Today we are sharing our favorite past Spring weddings and what is special about each month.


What we love about March weddings!


In the month of March temperatures average from the high 60's to low 80's.

This cool and breezy weather is perfect for outdoor ceremonies!

Spring has officially begun! Grasses turn green, flowers bloom and trees bud.


What we love about April weddings!


Greenery! The month of April is when The Grove is at it's brightest green.

April is when The Grove hosts the most outdoor receptions! April averages temperatures

in the 70's once the sun goes down, which gives your guests comfort all-night long.


What we love about May weddings!


May is the month of Memorial weekend, which is perfect for couples who are looking to have a weekend long celebration with their friends and family or those with many out-of-town guests. Holiday weekends also make Sundays feel just like Saturdays!

You will find flowers of all sorts around The Grove throughout all Spring months, but the month of May brings an abundance of wildflowers!


What we love about June weddings!


We typically view June as a Summer month, but did you know that the Spring season actually goes through the first three weeks of June?

June offers you all the beauty of our other Spring months, but with the convenience of Summer. School is out, workloads lessen and traveling is easy!


We can't wait for all of our upcoming Spring 2018 weddings!


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